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What Is Fiber Optic Patch Panel and Its Types?

What Is Fiber Optic Patch Panel?

A fiber optic Patch Panel is additionally called fiber dissemination board. It’s utilized to end the fiber optic link and give association with individual grafted filaments. In addition, fiber fix boards can make a protected situation for uncovered strands, lodging connectors and join joins together.


Fiber Optic Patch Panel Types

Fiber fix boards can be isolated into two kinds. The two sorts can house, compose, oversee and secure fiber optic link, grafts and connectors.

One is rack mount board. Normally the rack mount board holds the strands evenly and resembles a cabinet. Rack mount board is planned in 1U, 2U, 4U estimates and can hold up to 288 or significantly more strands. The rack mount nooks incorporate two sorts.

One is the slide-out assortment and the different fuses a removable cover. The sliding plan of boards gives engineer simple admittance to the strands inside yet it’s more costly. The top kind is more affordable yet requires the client to eliminate the entire nook from the rack to increase inward access.


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