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Fiber optic termination box is a minimal fiber the board result of little size, broadly utilized in the FTTH venture, both for outside and indoor applications. Fiber termination boxis utilized to end the appropriation links in private structures and estates, to oversee, capacity fiber and graft with…More

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Ftth fiber optic termination box has various sizes, and limit can be 2fibers, 4fibers, 6fibers, 8fibers, 12 strands, 16fibers, 24 filaments, 32 strands, 48fibers. You can pick the correct one for your own FTTH venture. Fiber management box is made of ABS or PC material, with fire obstruction. Fiber terminal box is used to connecting cable and protect the pigtail and the wiring, also applies to the optical fiber access network.

Fiber termination box today plays an indispensable role in communication network field with higher reliability and flexibility. The continued expansion of broadband networks and the resulting configuration of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) infrastructures is pushing network organizers to adopt powerful planning and management systems.

This fiber termination box is widely accessed in data and image transmission systems, agricultural telephone network systems, telephone, cable television series, and much more. It is accessible for the termination and distribution connection for different types of fiber optic systems. It is highly suitable for the mini-network terminal distribution in which the patch core and optical cables are connected.

At present, the fiber termination box is getting more popular same as fiber optic patch panel in the communication network field because of its flexibility. It is a small-size fiber management product that adopts FTTH cabling for cable and fiber cabling management.

The fiber termination box offers a cheaper solution for the FTTH network that makes it popular. It is used to connect the feeder and distribution cable in the optical splitter. It can distribute the cable after installing the splitter. Many manufacturers now offer fiber optic termination box with the splice tray and pre-installed fiber optic splitterfiber optic adapterfiber optic pigtail and fiber optic patch cord for reducing the installation time.

Differing types of fiber termination box

There are popular fiber termination boxes such as indoor and outdoor, wall-mounted, rack-mounted, fiber splitter box, fiber optic distribution box, and much more. You can choose the best one which meets your requirements. One of the benefits of fiber terminal boxes is excellent soldering and cable fixing. It is hassle-free to access, facilitating installation in a different environment that helps you save money and time. The fiber terminal box offers storage space, which provides hassle-free installation.

 Customize fiber terminal box work flow

1 Send us detail requirement shown as below

  • Port quantity, such as 2 port or 4 port, 6 port or 12 port?
  • Indoor or outdoor application, if it’s outdoor, is it IP65 or IP68?
  • Detail dimension of the fiber optic box?
  • Input and output port/cable dimension or diameter of the fiber junction box
  • Install method, is it wall mounting or pole mounting or destop socket.
  • Kinds of fibre optic adapter need to be install into the fiber connection box, is it LC duplex adapter or sc adapter, or FC adapters
  • Quantity of the fiber opitc adapters
  • Quantity of the splices
  • Maximum fiber optic splice per splice tray
  • Is it equipped with fiber optic plc splitter? and what’s splitter ratio, 1×2, 1×4, 1×8, 1×16 or 1×32?
  • How to pack the fiber terminal box? Is it seperate carton or just with zip-bag?
  • Is it with operator logo?
  • What’s material of fibre optic box? Plastic or Metal, if it’s plastic, is it ABS or PC or PC+ABS or PP? if it’s metal, is it metal, aluminum or stainless?
  • What’s the anti dust level, IP6x or IP5x?
  • Is it rohs compliant of the material?
  • Is the fiber termination box anti-fire, ul94-v0?

2 After we get necessary information, we will use Pro/Engineer or UG to start to design the fiber cable joint box, and then will send the 3D pdf drawings to customer to check it, the examle of 3D pdf drawings shown as below.

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