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32-port multi operator box to Spain Client

Today, the frist order of 32-port multi operator box was shipped to Spain client Mr. Huso.

We are very excited because this multi operator box order created the fastest trade record in 2021. Received Mr Huso's multi operator box's RFQ on Janruary 5, 2021, very professional and detailed.

Then we started to design the box according customer requirements, after he checked the design, we make one 3d printing box sample to customer, after he checked the sample, we start to make the mould, until we received the first production order of 4000pcs from their compnay, the whole cycle was 50days.

Caja de terminales de fibra optica FTTH 32core para exteriores Multi-operator Distribution Cabinet Box
Caja de terminales de fibra optica FTTH 32core para exteriores Multi-operator Distribution Cabinet Box

Thought the COVID-19 is staill serieus in Spain this year, Mr Huso's team's work efficienty is very high. In a speical period, it is my honor to meet Mr Huso and his team.

At the same time, thanks to our TELHUA Telecommucation team. The multi dwelling unit box is of good quality, passed various IP, IK test, and the price is very competitive according customer's feedback, which saves customers time and facilitated the transaction between the two parties. Quality and service make us a partner with Mr Huso's team. The following is the coummunication story of our first oder.

As a partner, we will also cooperate in metal fiber optic distribution box and fiber optic pigtail, fiber optic adater and fiber optic splitter in future.

TELHUA telecommunication Services Ranging:

From design support, material selection, prototyping, high volume inection molding and clean romm injection molding for customer in fiber optic adapter, pigtail, patch cord, splitters, box, splice closure and cabinet.

TELHUA's RFQ from Spain:


We are loooking for 32 port multi operator box (fiber optic distribution box) for our market, the main requirement is similar as your 48 port multi operator box, but the dimension must be smaller (320x150x105mm) and with 32 pcs SCAPC adapter. Let me know if you can do it.

Also, Please provide a price quotation for 2,000 and 5,000 pcs.

TELHUA Telecommunicaitons same day

Yes, we can design and develop new model for you and can send sample for you to check.

Please let me know your EXPRESS ACCOUNT such as DHL or UPS or Others.

We will send you 3D printing ox to you after you check the drawings.

Multi operator box RFQ From Spain:

Thank you for your prompt reply and assistance

Please use our account

TELHUA Telecommunications Same Day:

Please check the design of the 32 port box and we will start to make prototype as soon as you check and confirmed it.

Multi operator box RFQ From Spain(10days later):

Dear Anna:

The sample has received and this is what we want, please start to make the mould and I am gointg to have a layd(Alex), our purchasing agent will send you an order for 5,000 pcs.

TELHUA, as fiber optic product manufacturer, also supply custom fiber optic distribution box and injection.

Please contact our product experts and let them provide professional one-to-one service and free samples.

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